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Pirates! Mods

Arr! Here be mods, matey! These are all mods and reskins for Sid Meier's Pirates! (the newer one, not the old DOS game). You'll need a zip program like TUGZip to extract the files. To use the mods, extract the FPK files to your "Custom" folder, usually found in My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Pirates!\Custom or C:\Program Files\Pirates!\Custom. Hope you enjoy them!

Zorro Player Character

Though not really a pirate, Zorro comes from around that time period and would make a good-looking pirate, what with his eye-piece and all. This mod alters the PC's face to look like Zorro by adding the signature piece of cloth around the eyes and a moustasche. All age variations included. Black uniform not included. Looks best with mods that give you black clothes, such as Blagger's black clothes mods or Thoerr's Black Uniform Mod.
Download here (85 KB).

Screenshot of Zorro mod

African Player Character

Tired of playing white European pirates? Well now you can play as an African pirate! All age variations are included, but the "rags" versions are identical to the normal ones. This won't work with any other mods that change your character's clothes, because I had to change the color of the neck and hands (which are in the same textures as the clothes).
Download here (4 MB).

Screenshot of African pirate mod

Barmaid's Modesty

This mod gives the barmaids less revealing clothing, making the game even more child-friendly. It replaces the clothes of barmaids in the taverns of all four kingdoms and pirate havens.
Download here (500 KB).

Screenshot of Barmaid's Modesty mod

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